Sisterhood ReCoded Programs

The purpose of this leading-edge program is to introduce middle school girls to the growing field of Information Technology while simultaneously enhancing and obtaining new skills. Various skills obtained from participating in a Sisterhood ReCoded program can relate to other careers outside of Information Technology, such as communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. Women who revolutionized Computer Science will come in and share stories about their career within Information Technology.

In groups up to three, the girls will identify a social problem and independently engineer an Android application to address it by using MIT's App Inventor. All participants receive a flash drive at the beginning of the program to maintain their projects, and will be guided by women during the program.

For the girls who complete the Sisterhood ReCoded program will be recognized at an award ceremony celebrating their achievements, where each group will case their completed Android application. All participants who complete this program receive a certificate of completion, and a swag bag containing miscellaneous prizes and a t-shirt.

Cost of participation? Absolutely free!

When is this? August 19, 26, September 2, 9 - We are taking registrations right now!

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